Asefashion Grand Opening

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Grand Opening Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion! 🎉 Only from 12pm - 3pm today ⏱

Visit Asefashion now if you are a bag lover! I will be here til 3pm too yea. 🤗

Can you spot me 🔍 It was the crazy Buy 1 Free 1 Grand Opening Promotion Yesterday, at @asefashion_asefashion. 我说:买一送一的优惠真的很恐怖。 她们:不是,是女人恐怖 🤣

昨天中午十二点至三点的优惠, 付款队伍从没间断过, 有的人还排到缺氧。 就连店内的镜子都悄悄地蒙上了了一层厚厚的雾, 可见大家真的很努力在透口气呼吸。

总结, 店家的优惠太值了, 但是女人真的很恐怖!

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