[Corporate] Tell6 Forum 2018

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Forum Emcee: Hazelle Tan

Company: Tell6 / TGV

Venue: Connexion Nexus Bangsar

"I still couldn't get over the excitement and gratefulness being appointed as your exclusive emcee in every event. Thank you Tell6 Group!" - Hazelle Tan

From Left: Branding & Marketing Director, CFO, Hazelle Tan (Emcee), CEO, 3 Branding & Event Executives

Happy Anniversary! It's officially the first year anniversary collaborating with Tell6 Group.

Thank you Tell6 Group for appointing me as your official exclusive emcee in each and every event of yours. It's my pleasure!

It's wonderful seeing your emcee skills getting better and better from an event to another. You never fail to impress us from time to time. Keep it up! We love your emcee service. - Mark Chin, CEO of TGV

It's been a fruitful year with Tell6 Group/ TGV, hosted events from forums to marathons & fun runs, from plantation launching events to seminars. Thank you Tell6 Group!

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