LSV & SMY Annual Dinner

It’s always a good feeling - being remembered.

There are many ways people could remember about you, and tonight one of the VIP told me “Kamu kan emcee kami last year? Saya dapat cam senyuman dan energy kamu.” And some people like “Hey! Good to see you again! Do you still remember me?”

I love this feeling, comforted. (Cause I am way too stressed everytime hosting for the same client - Seeking improvements of myself from event to event, especially to the same group of people.)

And all the way til the end of the event, people came and shook my hand, thanked for the great night and looking forward to see me again next year, this is the BEST FEELING EVER I swear.

And the lil goal I set for myself achieved (considered) by having few of the VIPs and the people came to me “Your emcee skills improved a lot from last year, keep it up!”

Yes, keep it up! Pressure is a good form of motivation to keep one moving.

Thank you LSV & SMY for having me again this year!

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