NKR 40th Anniversary Annual Dinner

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Date | 19th Oct 2018

Venue | Sheraton Hotel

Event | NKR 40th Anniversary Annual Dinner

Emcee | Hazelle Tan (Malay, English, Mandarin)

NKR 40th Anniversary Dinner 🍽. • “You’ve became my new idol,” and everyone bursted into laughters, she continued “...I couldn’t think off what else you can’t handle.” 🥰 Awww, Such a cute compliment! And it’s from one of my all time favourite event companies. . • I am always so grateful to be the exclusively appointed emcee of some clients and event companies.

Thank you for your absolute confidence in me. . • Having this privileged opportunities from each and everyone of you - It’s not the reason of my continued efforts, it’s the result of it. . • 感恩大家不断的眷顾这个一直很努力的女孩。 想透过这篇文字告诉每一个你: 不要担心谁不喜欢你, 但是你一定要喜欢你自己。 保持欢愉的心情接受每一个自己, 在每一个时候都做自己也喜欢的自己。 喜欢你的人必定会继续喜欢你, 最后 因为你的正能量和磁场, 不喜欢你的人也会喜欢你。 • (当然... 有人如果因为你的正能量而不喜欢你,你又何必去理) #特别献给迷茫的你

#感谢成长 #感谢信任

#ThankYou #Growth #Confidence #Trust .

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