SP Setia Merdeka Celebration

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Date | 2nd Sept 2018 Venue | Setia Eco Templer

Event | Setia318 Merdeka Celebration x Sarapan Pagi

Emcee | Hazelle Tan (English, Mandarin, Malay)

Wow, you’re really good! You can keep changing to different languages when you host the event. - SP Setia Eco Templer

That’s what I am proud of - Saya Anak Malaysia!

Regardless of race, we love each other, we speak in each other’s language, we live the multicultural practice, we crave for the classic Malaysian breakfast (Sarapan Pagi di Eco Templer today), we are Anak Malaysia!

I really love this limited edition t-shirt with my name on top - Call me #EmceeHazelle !☺️

Thank you SP Setia for having me today in Setia Eco Templer 318 Merdeka Celebration! So happy to celebrate this meaningful day together with all warga-warga Malaysia at #SetiaEcoTempler.

We all filled this #JalurGemilang together with our handprints. We are so proud to be Anak Malaysia 🙆🏻‍!

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